A Sensible LifeSTYLE
A Sensible LifeSTYLE

Maayong Adlaw! Kamusta?

I am a Filipina (Kagay-anon) from the beautiful Philippine Islands. Cagayan de Oro is my hometown, but I currently live in the United States particularly in Austin, Texas.

A Sensible LifeSTYLE is a platform on which I show my love for fashion, for music, an interest in photography, my travels and life's in-betweens.

Why A Sensible LifeSTYLE?

It took me many attempts to decide what this blog should be about, but I then found the perfect name with the help of my supportive significant other. I believe in empowering women who are like me. Women should not allow the world to dictate what they should have and not have. Let us face the fact that many women around the world cannot afford to buy luxury all the time or not at all. I am one of them. I was not born into a wealthy family. I am not earning that kind of money. I am not saying it is not good to buy high-end and luxurious brands. They are ALL GREAT! In fact, I own some myself, and I wish to have some more. If you have the money by all means, invest in those or you can even save up for them. They are worth saving for! What I am trying to say is that there are still inexpensive products out there that are worth every penny.

Let us not be ashamed of buying what we can only afford. You worked hard for that, and it’s something you should be proud of.

A woman’s beauty is her soul, and from there it will naturally branch out into every part of her being.

Salamat sa pag bisita! Balik-balik.

Xx, Jenny