Savored Solitude Around Concrete

Part 1

Meet me somewhere around concrete.

"Houston, HTX, was a beautiful stay and I wish it was longer." That was the line I kept repeating in my head when we were driving back to ATX. Just a month after we moved from Dripping Springs to Austin, we decided to go on a short-weekend vacation in Houston. We we're a couple desiring for new city scenery to relax, have fun and celebrate their early 1st year wedding anniversary. You know, every once in a while we need to decompress in order to be effective in doing our responsibilities and make memories that inspires us to do more for our passions. So yeah, HELLO HOUSTON!

We drove 2 hours and 30 minutes from Austin to Houston downtown (somewhere in Hidalgo street). For a woman like me who loves and appreciates the beauty of a city (because I grew up in a city), I was very surprised at how big and lit it was. I love the feel, the vibe, the lights, and the noise. To some living in the city is exhausting, tiring, stressful but to me, it is somewhere I feel relaxed and belong. Especially at night time where you get to enjoy the skyline over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in a restaurant patio and a side of a sweet lover, I know!!! (Spreading love to city people! I feel you!)

The photos above were from our hotel downtown. Thank you to for an awesome deal! We got to stay at the beautiful Sonesta ES Suites. (Ladies, remember our motto in life? DEALS! SALES! SAVE!) If you travel a lot, consider making an account at For every 10 nights booked, you get 1 night free! Cool beans! 

See that chocolate cake above? I've been craving for that for almost a year! Thank God they have Red Ribbon Bakeshop in Houston. Why? Because they have more Filipino Immigrants there compared to Austin or any other Texas cities. Y'all, they even have my all time favorite Jollibee! I get so excited even just writing about it. Haha my brother and I growing up used to collect the Jollibee Kiddie Meal Collectibles (toys). It was a fun season, but our parents' pockets were drained! Lol

A little trivia for you: Red Ribbon Bakeshop is a Philippine fast-food chain and bakery known for making cakes that Filipinos love for any occasion. (Triple Chocolate Roll is to die for! Try it!)

Now let's talk about marriage! My husband has a ridiculous name for us, "JenAques". It's okay to call us that, I guess. Haha Anyway, we are running 2 years this coming October (God is good!), and I still am discovering my husband. He's that kind of guy who speaks through his eyes, soft-spoken but witty and a man of few words; he's much of a listener and observer rather than a talking emotional machine. There are so many things I even learned about myself when I got married. Good and bad...(Grin)

This is not a lie but I tell you, marriage is amazing. You don't just grow as a person but also you learn how to live life with its imperfections and still love. It's just like how Jesus loves us. You know my fellow wives, we have to realize every single day that our spouse is not perfect. We have to cut them some slack. Grace, forgiveness, respect and love are the best things we can offer them. The truth is only God can change your spouse (I am talking about a needs improvement list). Some of you may be thinking "it's too early for Jenny to talk about these things". I don't think so. I think we wives, young and old should be aware about these things so we know how to fight the schemes of the enemy in our marriages. And always, always, always let the Lord sit in your heart first before anything else. As what John Piper said "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him". Our marriage is our first ministry. We are accountable what we do with it. If you are still single and reading this, please don't feel bad. Singleness is a gift from the Lord. Treasure it. If you have a desire for a spouse, pray about it. Do not do the trial and error game just like I did. It was not fun; it gave me some scars, and it did not glorify God at all. The only good thing about those scars is that it became a testimony. There was a time I have enjoyed being single. It was an amazing chapter to talk about too. If you are celibate, still, praise God about it. It's also a great gift. I knew some people who are celibate and they love it because they have all the time to serve God in every way. 

Thank God for safe travel that night. We decided to just stay at the hotel and spend some quality time over a simple dessert. You know, its nice to talk about life including your dreams, purpose, marriage and growth as a person. Don't ever leave out honesty in your marriage; even to the most little of things. 

I'll end here for now. First day of exploring the city will be up next. :) 

Xx, Jenny.

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