Savored Solitude Around Concrete

Part 2

Well, enough with relationship stuff for now. Let's talk about Houston .

Those photos you can see above were taken on the way to Houston Zoo. It was a beautiful day for our first day! 

I got that very comfortable black summer dress from Old Navy for a good price. I accessorized it with a silver lens aviator sunglasses and a mid size gold necklace. I kind of regret that I wore a pair of laced up flats because we were walking a lot, and it gave me blisters. That was the only bad thing about that day. So, whenever you go to a zoo wear comfortable shoes. (Obviously but I thought it was going to be comfortable. Oh well!)

Outfit Breakdown: Forever21 Mid Size Gold Necklace (From Forever21) = $5.99 | Old Navy Black Summer Dress (From Old Navy Sale Section) = $10.00 | Forever21 Silver Aviator Sunglasses (From Forever21 Sale Section) = $2.99 | Report Lace Up Flats (From Ross Dress For Less) = $14.99 | Kate Spade Black Leather Bag (From Marshalls Clearance Section) = $69.99

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any stores and brands mentioned above.)

Since we were planning to tour a lot of Houston's museums as well as the zoo, my husband decided to buy the city pass. We saved a lot of money rather than paying for it individually.

We the headed to the zoo and visited Dory and her friends first. Hahaha I enjoyed the zoo because I got to see a lot of animals I've only seen on TV and the school bulletin when I was still living in the Philippines. 

Those are just some of the cute animals I got to see. Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of the other ones.

But this Lioness made my day! It was dream come true to have seen and be near a Lioness in person. (Except there was a glass separating us in this picture)

Be strong, be brave and be fearless like a lioness.

Be strong, be brave, 

and be fearless like a 


After the zoo, we then headed to NASA Space Center Houston. It was awesome seeing some historic stuff that I only heard about in school while growing up. 

We were torn between going to Kemah Boardwalk or not after NASA because we were really tired, but we went anyway. Here's the gorgeous Kemah Boardwalk: 

We basically just walked around there. We wanted to ride on some rides, but there were too many people in line. Instead, we had dinner at Lighthouse Buffet. When we were there it was not very clean but maybe because of too many people. The food was very good though and the shore view was perfect. 

P.S. To our very nice waitress, thank you for offering to take pictures for us. You are awesome!

After Kemah Boardwalk, it was already time to call it a day. 

I hope you had fun reading! Some people hate Houston but for me, I think you should list it down as one of your cities to visit in America. There are still some places we wanted to visit and discover but we'll do that next time we visit.

Xx, Jenny.