Change Is Good And Refreshing

They say change is good. Change is healthy for you. Is it really? How well do we handle changes in our lives? Is it affecting us in a good way or in an unfortunate way?

I’ve been going through so many changes (generally speaking) in my life that often times I get burnt-out by just thinking about them. The last few months was frustrating just because of things you didn’t expect to happen, but it did. There are also things that you realized you could’ve done a better job handling. Negative thoughts may haunt us, but we have the power to let them take over our minds and hearts or to resist them. We often say encouraging phrases like this, but truthfully we are having a hard time applying it in our daily lives. Before I continue writing, I want to let you know my dear reader that you are not alone. We may have different situations and experiences in life that will make you say, “you don’t know what you are talking about,“ but I understand. I do. As much as people tell me how positive I am, I’ve had and still have low-ugly moments in my life like you. You have your own struggles. I have my own too.


Part of this blog is an apology to all my readers. Ladies and gents (if there are), I am sorry that I have been not updating my blog until today. I know I promised you guys months and months ago that I will write every week. My explanation may be an excuse to some, but I really had so much in my plate lately that I can hardly recognize myself. Often times I got lost in my frustrations that I felt paralyzed to write, to be inspired and to keep going. So, I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart. I am not gonna make promises to you this time around, but I sure will make a promise to myself to keep going no matter what comes along the way. That’s what I’ve trying to do lately. It’s really hard, but I am more at peace. You may not believe in God (and I respect that), but I just want to thank Him for His abundant grace, mercy, hope and undending love. He gives me peace in my low moments, and He is the reason why I can still find the reason to smile everyday.

Anyway, I made changes on this blog. Some posts I had to delete for a better post in the future. I felt the need to rewrite and to have a better content. I also did a little touch up on the design. I want it to speak more of me. Soon I will be adding more features on this blog. I am not gonna say it yet but one thing I’ll tell you, you’ll see more of me. :)

You might be wondering what’s going on in this blog post with the photos you’re seeing. I know, there’s so much going on, but I want to talk about these things all at once because why not. :D

Last Palm Sunday before we went to church, I decided to do a photoshoot for the blog, and at the same time visit a new place I’ve never been to spend some quality time with my loved one. We went to Lady Bird Johnson Wild flower Center.

Location here:

I just uploaded these photos. I am not gonna spoil your visit. It was very beautiful place if you’re the type of person who obviously loves flowers and nature in general. When we got there, we were lucky to have found a parking spot nearby the ticket station. It was lucky because Sundays are very busy for them. As soon we were done paying our tickets, they gave us a booklet that contains information about the center and what’s inside, their events, the map and more.

The place is family-friendly. If you have kids, they will absolutely enjoy their visit. Even if you go with a loved one, friends and even business partners (who loves nature) is definitely one of the best spots in Austin. Just visit their website by clicking the link above for more info.

These are few of the things you can find there.

How could we forget about the outfit I wore? Yes! That beautiful Spring outfit was flattering. It was very simple but classy. I love classy outfits. This time it is a Victorian inspired outfit.

Some of these pieces I scored on sale and some were regular priced. I didn’t buy them all together. These are things I bought at different times. If you read my posts from two years ago, you know how I strongly suggest for you guys to buy “the essentials” first so it will be easier for you to put lovely outfits in the future and most importantly, to save money. The newest piece bought for this get up is the dress.

Outfit Breakdown: Dress with flounce (From H&M) = $24.99 | Beige & Black PH Handmade Cap-Toe Slingback Pumps (From Muy Bien Bonita) = $30.00 this is my most favorite from their collections| Animal Print Bucket Bag with Gold Handle Accent (From MANGO) = $39.99 |Retro Top Knot Headband (From H&M) = $9.99 | Merona Interchangeable Belt with Gold Accent (From Target) = $24.99

I would like to thank my friend, Estefani. Girrrrrl, thanks so much for the beautiful earrings!

I hope this post encouraged you in a special way. Change is hard, but we have the power on how to handle it. God gives us new seasons every year. Every season is another chance to better ourselves, and to get up and never give up. Try to choose to think more about the beautiful things in life. On heavy painful days, rest. Empty your mind. Cry it out if that makes you feel better, because crying doesn’t make you weak. If you believe in prayer like I do, do so. It’s good for the soul. Also, if you have someone in your life whom you trust and is very dear to you, vent to them. Maybe you are that person to somebody right now. Be there for them. Don’t turn to useless things that will make you feel worse the next day. Think through before doing anything stupid (let’s be real here).

That will be all for now. See you on my next blog!

Xx, Jenny