Comfort Under The Sun

Before anything else, I want to salute all the courageous and brave soldiers who fought and died for their country's freedom. America has come this far because of you. I may not be a citizen, (yet) but I will never have experienced this country like if not because of your brave hearts. So, we remember y'all today. 🇺🇸 

It's starting to get humid and hot in the Northern Hemisphere. Take out your summer outfits and let go of the wrapped garments for a while. For some, it's a time to bathe under the sun and get beautiful sun kissed skin; to some, it's time to sip margarita while enjoying the scene of the waves on the beach, and to some, it's wearing lightweight clothes. The list goes on. To all of you who love summer more than ever, and all the things in between this beautiful season, cheers!

It's been a while...Summer. Technically, summer starts on June 20th but it feels summer in Texas now (one of the reasons why I love this state). 

The awesome husband was off work yesterday for Memorial Day, and so we decided to go on a day stroll to enjoy the humid-hot weather.

The shirt I am wearing in these pictures is one of my favs. It is so comfy, soft and lightweight, and the heartbeat line patch was perfect for yesterday's holiday. That's a pretty little statement right there!

I took out my raw hemmed denim shorts. I thought this trend would never come back again. I was  7 or 8 years old when I last wore a raw hemmed denim garment bought by my mom. I've worn some of these modern fashion trends back when I was a little girl. You know, my mom was one of those trendy mommies.

4th of July last year, my husband surprised me with a pair of beautiful Michael Kors sandals. It was my first MK item, and it just blew me away. The thing is as much as I want to stick with fab-budget shopping, it doesn't hurt to indulge yourself with a "little" lux. Especially when it is heartily given by someone. 

The pair was perfect for the day's stroll. and it went well with my accessories; the bag, earrings and classic watch. I know that the color of my footwear doesn't match the color of my bag, but they have a common ground with the gold accent. The same goes from my other accessories. What a pretty compliment?!

Outfit Breakdown: Loose Summer Casual T-shirt (From = $9.98 | Lucky Brand Raw Hemmed Denim Shorts (From Savers) = $5.99 | Michael Kors Nora Flat Sandals Toe Ring Slide (From Nordstrom Rack) = $54.99 | ALDO Midnight Black Fair Cross Body Bag (From ALDO Sale Season) = $35.00 | Claire Stainless Steel Flower Earrings (From Claire's) = $3.99 | Casio Classic Round Analog Watch (From Sale) = $10.44

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any stores and brands mentioned above.)

Before I end this blog post, I'll leave you one awesome little place suggestion. If you happen to be in downtown Austin on 2nd street, try out Cafe Ruckus; this is where I got that mouthwatering milkshake. Salted Caramel. One of my favorite coffee places in ATX.

'Til next time! (Balik 'nya diri puhon!)