Out 'N About

We just got back from our Philippine trip and we sure have many treasured memories. It was a beautiful time in our lives this year. I got to see my family, my husband had the time to unwind from hardworking years and my in-laws got to visit a new country which also was an eye opening to them. 

Here's an inspired me; ready to conquer the world and take new open doors. I still can't move on from the tropical feelings. It feels like I left a part of me, my tropical soul but I am glad to be back here in ATX, my second home. 

I pulled these pieces together for my husband and I's first date in ATX since we got back from the trip. It was freakin' hot, so I wore a dominant white outfit. I think color white feels refreshing especially that it is still summer time plus the floral feels is just perfect for the weather.

I made sure to order some Muy Bien Bonita footwear before we flew back. I just love how classy they are that I can mostly pair them with the clothes I have. The pair of sandal you are seeing in these pictures is their Valentina Sandal. Normally, I don't buy white foot wears because I am not good at taking care of them but this can't pass. (Grin) More from MBB here: www.muybienbonita.com 

I also would like to give them a shoutout for the freebies (that I have been wanting to try I) got together with my orders. I will write about it soon! Love you, MBB!!! Thank you so much!!!

Outfit Breakdown: Who What Wear White Ruffle Sleeve Top (From Target) = $24.00 | Forever 21 Maxi Floral Skirt (From Goodwill) = $5.99White Valentina PH Handmade Sandal (From Muy Bien Bonita) = $10.00 | White Cross Body Bag (From TJ Maxx) = $12.00 | Claire's White Drop Earrings (From Claire's) = $2.00 | Casio Watch (From Amazon.com) = $11.99

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any stores and brands mentioned above.)

Have a bottle of hefeweizen or two and enjoy the summer time before the heat is gone. Always remember to shop wisely, ladies! - Xx