Feeling The Blues

Another dream came true...

I have always been a John Mayer fan since high school and having the opportunity to watch him play live was a dream come true. By the way, this is a very late post. This happened last summer and I just got the time to write about it.

I can still remember the feeling of going in the AT&T Center in San Antonio, excited to see my long time crush do his thing. It was a very happy moment for me. It felt like it was a dream. I pinched myself and said "yes, this is real!". 

The Night Game opened for him and I am glad I got to discover a new band through John Mayer. Did y'all know that he is very involve in the planning of his concerts? He's the one who choose artists who'll open for him and play with him. There, I also discovered an awesome blues musician in the name of Isiah Sharkey. He played guitar for John. I got so blessed to also have seen Jimmie Vaughan, Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan play together with him!!! 

When John entered the venue, OMG, I just shouted so loud until he started singing and danced... and shouted... and danced. Haha It was one of the best moments that happened in my 24 years of existence. Everything was perfect, awesome and amazing! 

Of course, I had to prepare for that wonderful moment which was my concert outfit. I had put together a comfortable but fashionable outfit. Wasn't sure if it was going to be hot or cold in the venue so I wore shorts, basic v-neck shirt, and a kimono or robe as how others call it.

Outfit Breakdown: Mossimo V-Neck Shirt (From Target) = $8.99 | Lucky Brand Denim Shorts (From Savers) = $6.99 | Forever21 Laced Up Block Heels (From Forever21) = $16.99 | Faded Glory Olive Green Hat (From Walmart) = $10.99 | ALDO Midnight Black Fair Cross Body Bag (From ALDO Sale Season) = $35.00 | Claire Stainless Steel Necklace (From Claire's) = $5.00 | Casio Watch (From Amazon.com) = $11.99 | MERONA Reversible Belt (From Target) = $14.99

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any store and brands mentioned above.)

He then ended the concert with a song he played with a piano. I am not gonna mention that song because maybe some of you is going to see him soon and I don't want to spill anything. Let every concert be a surprise. 

I am happy he's back from a hiatus with a great album! John, your talent and music is a gift to humanity. 

Above all, I want to thank God for that wonderful experience. And of course my concert buddy, my awesome husband. It was lit! - Xx