Mi Patio Tropical

My dear readers, today I am sharing with you how I decorated my patio. I was thinking if I should because it's such an intimate place for me, but why not? 

Lately, I've been missing home and our beautiful beaches. Especially this summer time where the sun is always out. Oh how I love the heat of summer! Also aside from my husband being Cajun, he's Puerto Rican by blood through His mother. Thank you ancestry.com for confirming that! So, my husband and I were already thinking of making a makeover on our patio. It looked so depressing before. Hahaha! Summer is here so it's about time. We set aside a month to where we could spend a bit of our money for the patio makeover. You know, when you become married everything's conjugal. All things become one, even your finances. One of the many things you should do as a couple to have a harmonious marriage is you have to talk about your spending, meaning asking each other for permission on buying things. Some people might find this ridiculous, but for us it's an awesome way to practice humility, honesty and trust. Trust me. We still fail at times, but by God's grace we can still get up and try harder.

First, I thought about what our patio decorations should be. It should be something we both love and enjoy. It should be something we feel so connected to. (Jenny's so dramatic!) Well yeah! Because you want to enjoy and appreciate every part of the place. Knowing we both love the beach and tropics, I might as well illustrate that in our patio. So, tropical it is! 

I had to set a budget limit first. Not over $150.00 and less is better. So, I did some research on which stores I should go to for better prices, amazing products that suites our taste and of course stores not to far from where we live. I ended up going to Home Depot, Target and Marshalls. Also, I kept some of the outdoor stuff I had before. Below I'll talk more about the details per picture. 


La Almohada Tropical

This tropical pillow bought from Home Depot was only $11.98 a piece. You can buy it in-store or online. It's the Hampton Bay Sky Tropical Lumbar Outdoor Tropical Pillow. I love how the colors came together in this pillow. 



Las Suculentas

Because my husband grew up in Texas, I want to incorporate some southern feels in our patio. I bought these succulents from Randalls for $2.99 a piece. The planters are from Target and it's sold as a set of 1 for only $3.59. I've had the table for two years now, the square glass candle holder which I turned into a stone holder and the decorative stones. Got those from Target too. So I'm not gonna count those in the budget. 

Home Depot is such a wonderland! I got most of my patio decorations there including this battery operated candle and the glass cement holder. The candle was $6.98 and the holder was $8.99. 

Las Sillas

These outdoor chairs are foldable. Not just good for the patio but also for future picnics and campings. Got them at Home Depot for  $19.98 each. They're steel and weather resistant. The powder coated finish protects against corrosion.

La Cerca

4 ft. H X 8 ft. W natural peeled and polished reed fence for $9.98 a piece and I bought 2. It gives privacy from the people going up and down the stairs and from people downstairs passing by. 

La Linterna

I was at Marshalls one day and saw this beautiful lantern for only $12.99 on clearance! Didn't have second thoughts on buying it. The bulb's also from there. Battery operated and it was $7.99. A perfect accent piece for the patio!

Las Plantas

Tada! These are my lettuce plants I've been growing for almost a month. The total value for the planters and seeds are $11.90. They are from Target except for the one in the center.

I have a little story to tell you. That bike wheel is there for a reason. We live in the second floor at our apartment building. We decided to put our bikes in the ground floor to save some space outdoor. It was chained properly 'til one day we were surprised at why on earth the wheel was off the bicycle! Someone was trying to steal it! So we chained it in our patio instead. I am planning to fix it soon. So... that's why I put the wheel there as a temporary decoration. It's cute tho!


Even though we are very far away from the beach having a small part of the apartment that takes us to that "tropical feeling" is nice. We can enjoy reading a book under the sun, have a drink,  snacking, or even have some quality time with your spouse, family or friends while enjoying the birds chirping is so relaxing. 

The total for everything is roughly $140.00 (saved $10.00!) You can have a beautiful patio by spending wisely. It doesn't have to be very expensive.

What's your favorite piece from today's blog?

- Xx, Jenny