Classic Patterns

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

I do agree that some rules are meant to be broken at times. Especially when we talk about life and death situations. But there are some rules in fashion and art in general that are already broken and they turned out into a beautiful piece. As a person who loves fashion, I believe there are some rules I am not comfortable of breaking and rules I can "beautifully" break. 

If you are to ask me what my thoughts are about mixing prints, I think it can turn out amazing but also edgy just like this outfit. Some prints goes harmoniously together and some don't. For example, there are select stripes stripes that can go well with floral prints. I bet y'all have seen that in-stores and online. You might not feel comfortable doing this, I tell you, that's okay. You don't want to dress uncomfortably. You gotta have that confidence to rock an outfit and not just wearing it because everyone wears it.

Some of you maybe on the same boat as me; experimental sometimes. Like oil and water, plaid and polka dots can't go together in one outfit. I've read that somewhere and I don't want to link that website here because I don't want to stir up unnecessary conversations. I support diverse opinions because it just shows that every person is unique and has different preferences. Anyway, I love how this outfit turned out. I love how the patterns and prints mixed beautifully. I disagree but not totally that they don't go well together. There are polka dots and plaids that are not supposed to be in one outfit because of a few reasons. Color combination, the pattern, and print size.


I do recognize something that's off about this outfit. The earrings I used. I should've used a drop or a dangle pair. Why? Because my cap already has a button in it. So it is redundant. Oh well...

You know, trend is always gonna be there. It's a cycle. It offers something new every time. We just need to select what fits our personal style (never ever sacrifice that), experiment a little bit (if you feel comfortable wearing it), and ALWAYS consider your personal budget (shoot me an e-mail if you need store recommendations) because you don't want to only rock an outfit but still have some left over money WHERE you can rock it after work.


Outfit Breakdown: Zara Basic Polka Dot Shirt (From Zara Sale) = $10.00 | A New Day Plaid Boyfriend Blazer (From Target) = $35.00 | Socialite Tie Waist Shorts (From Nordstrom Rack Clearance) = $6.99 | 14th & Union Loafer (From Nordstrom Rack Clearance) = $10.00 | Forever21 Faux Croc Skin Crossbody (From Forever21) = $27.90 | JOE FRESH Earrings (From Nordstrom Rack Clearance) = $3.99 | H&M Captain's Cap (From H&M) = $17.99

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any stores and brands mentioned above.)


What do you think about this classic look? Let me know in the comments below! - Xx, Jenny