Robe Life On A Casual Day
What do you mean my robe is inappropriate? Isn’t it a casual day?
— Anon

Fashion is unpredictable at times. Who would expect that it can take a sleeping/loungewear on the street and make it look chic? It's edgy but it can be lovely. I was shopping for some new pieces three Saturdays ago, and I saw a robe on sale. This trend is only supposed to be for the Spring, but I bought it anyway. I love it. It is a pretty dark green robe. And the price was unbelievably affordable! I've been wanting to try one; so why not?

It's been raining in Austin lately, but on a lot of days it is sunny, humid and windy (which I love so much being that I come from a tropical country!). I thought wearing the robe was perfect for the weather two Sundays ago. Here goes my casual Sunday OOTD.

I really love how the robe turned out on this outfit. I was thinking that since it is summer time, I can make a little twist with it and not wear it fully open. I tied the sides together to make a cute knot/bow. Was it hot wearing it? No, not at all. Actually, the fabric is cool on the skin especially when the summer wind blows, and it was a very thin layer.

It went along with my burgundy body suit, patchwork denim jeans, slip-on loafers with embroidery, classic chained shoulder bag, gold digital retro watch and earrings. 

Out of all the seasons of the year, I really love to dress up and shop the most in the summer time. It's my favorite time of the year even when I lived in the Philippines.

Outfit Breakdown: Forever21 Dark Green Robe (From Forever21 Sale Section) = $3.99 | Forever21 Burgundy Body Suit (From Forever21) = $10.99 | Kate Spade Patchwork Denim Jeans (From Sears Online Sale) = $44.97 | Wild Diva Lounge Loafers (From Forever21) = $24.99 | ALDO Midnight Black Fair Cross Body Bag (From ALDO Sale Season) = $35.00 | Casio Digital Retro Watch (From = $37.94 | Earrings (From Target) = $3.99

(Disclaimer: A Sensible LifeSTYLE is not sponsored by any stores and brands mentioned above.)

I always try to put together an outfit less than $50.00, but there are times where I choose to invest in pricier classic stuff that I can use over and over with other outfits. I am over my target budget, but I have pieces that I will wear again.

So how are you spending your summer? Me, I am very excited to go home to my country and spend time with my family this July. It has been almost 2 years of not seeing them. I have missed our time together very much. I mean, I have some family here in America, but they are far in another state. So, I am looking forward to really seeing and hugging them in person. Don't get me wrong; I love my husband so much. He is my sunshine (awwwwwwwwww), and his family is super cool, fun and loving but still, you know, nothing feels like spending time with the person who bore you and the people you spent 22 years of your life with. 

I love and treasure my family, and you should too, my dear readers. Every family is not perfect. They drive us nuts at times, but it would be sad and unreasonable not to love them. We drive them nuts too! The point is, we all have weaknesses. Time will come where we can't spend time with them like we used to or not at all. So, go and give 'em a hug or a virtual hug!

Enjoy your summer!