The Joy Of Summer

How's your summer so far? 

Mine has been going good. Little weekend trips here and there. 

How do you like dressing up in the summer? Or do you even love summer?

It's always fun to dress up in the summer time for me. Less heavy clothes and not many layers to think about. I want to share with y'all a very simple outfit I came up with. 

This beautiful romper was thrifted from Saver's. I got this last year during the winter time because I knew I am going to use it for the summer. I've used this during day dates and date nights. It's one of those pieces that you can use in any occasion. 

Lately I am obsessed with these slip on clog/mule. They are comfy and the color makes it classy. You can even use it with a simple crewneck shirt and denim pants and more. I've been buying pieces these days that are useful like that.

This MANGO bag means so much to me. It's one of the gifts I received during my first birthday here in the US. It's one of my "go to's". 

Outfit Breakdown: Maudie's Romper (From Savers) = $9.79 | Sam Edelman Bates Mule (From Nordstrom Rack) = $69.97 | Mango Leather Crossbody Bag (From Amazon) = $25.99 | H&M Earrings (From H&M) = $4.99

I hope you love this easy outfit! All the pieces can be your "go to" too. It doesn't have to look the same. It doesn't have to be the same brand. You can always experiment, buy according to your budget and don't forget to wear it confidence. 

Xx, Jenny

P.S. Thanks to my friend, Jasmine Haywood for taking these pictures. Y'all should follow her on Instagram. She loves street style fashion.